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Three Minneapolis gangs allegedly operated the ring, including an all-female gang known as The Lady Outlaws.

Working with the Somali Mafia and the Somali Outlaws, the group recruited pre-teen and teenage girls to have sex in exchange for cash, marijuana and other items, the indictment said.

Twin Cities girls, including some who were 13 and younger, were shuffled across state lines to work as prostitutes in a wide-reaching sex-trafficking operation controlled by Somali gangs, according to an indictment unsealed Monday in federal court.

At a news conference in Nashville Monday morning, U. Attorney Jerry Martin announced the 24- count indictment against three women and 26 men.

"The indictment sets forth in detail a wide-ranging conspiracy, both in duration and scope, to bring young girls -- some of whom were no more than children -- into this district for the purpose of engaging in sex acts for monetary gains by the defendants." The defendants are listed by name, and nickname: Shorty, Forehead, Hollywood, Barnie.