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to be — someone much smarter and sexier then you are in real life.Just lie a bit about yourself and use a photo that is photoshopped, misleadingly cropped, or not of you at all.

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"If you're going to spy on me, now is time, because in the morning I tend to do a lot of embarrassing things in my hotel room! It's all very 'groomed' - that's a new word I've learnt today."What can we expect from your new album ?

"I'm very proud of this whole thing - the new single and album.

The former Olympic skier - most famous for winning a multimillion-pound divorce settlement from her property magnate ex-husband Donald Trump - was called to the Diary Room where she was told that the housemates had passed the task, and as well as winning food supplies, was given two bottles of champagne to celebrate.

After a few drinks Katia and Basshunter - who have been flirting since the show started - began to snuggle up on a bed together.

LP still managed to go platinum in the UK after spawning a handful of chart-conquering singles.