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The guy above me had the right idea but his answer is wrong too. which is why you are always updating the first record...Here I am selecting some campaign names, then in the second box i would like to update with the versions of the campaign stored in mysql.

In making these changes, the team's goal was to fix behavior that makes j Query inconsistent or hard to use, and in the process improve both file size and overall performance. Most of these changes address special situations and edge cases, and a few are changes that have been widely requested where j Query's historical behavior has been problematic.

As a first step, the best way to see if your code works is to try it with both j Query 1.9 and the Migrate Plugin as described below.

".mysqli_error($con)); $result Array = array(); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) return json_encode($result Array); The webpage correctly removes the existing options from the jquery function but fails to update them.

It seems to go wrong when I decode the JSON data in the jquery. Is the loop for updating the select object appropriate?

What I want to do is use AJAX to automatically recalculate total minutes or hours if the user enters them.