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Guests included 26 trustees and former trustees, including Peter Lipman and Oshman JCC Executive Director Susan Krane; president of the board Hildy Shandell, of Atherton; Mike and Yvonne Nevens, of Los Altos; Sven Weber; Fran Eastman and Ed Goodstein, of Atherton; trustee Roger Bowie and Mary Alice Bowie, of Redwood City. in San Jose, the museum is known for celebrating new ideas and rejects rigid stuffiness.

It features contemporary art with concentrated collections of American works.

“But when you grow up in an organization, you become part of a culture of an organization and it becomes more difficult to change that organization, especially when you need a cultural shift.” Moore is already acting decisively to set a new course for the department.

One of his first decisions was to promote Diane Urban to be his assistant chief, the first woman in that job.

Otellini added that Obama called him Monday night to congratulate the company for planning to spend heavily on the new chips, adding that Obama “told me that he sees the Intel logo every morning when he opens up his laptop.” Intel has been studying 32 nanometer chips for some time and announced in September 2007 that it would begin manufacturing them this year, though the company hasn’t previously stated how much it would cost, said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy.

The importance of Tuesday’s announcement is that “we are spending more in a shorter period of time” to make the 32 nanometer chips, Mulloy said, noting that the devices should start rolling off the assembly line up to a year sooner than would normally be true with new plants.

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