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Somehow, all of these things made her look that much sexier.

"Your sign says that you will do absolutely anything. ""Of course," she said smiling, her luscious lips curving upward.

Kitten: But they have a socio-economic philosophy that promotes a completely classless living where every individual works for the betterment of it all, but in actuality it's an oppressive dictatorship based around the Ethereals' well-being!

As long as everyone is treated well and fairly in the conjoined Imperium, where there will be no need for retarded and corrupt political systems, and the Ethereals will be under my direct control, it is alright.

As I was walking home to my apartment, I saw a woman holding a sign. Her hair was long, onyx and sleek like the coat of a panther. Her littleblue dress left little to the imagination with her breasts spilling up over the sleeveless top, and her firm butt curving out from her legs. She turned her head to look at me and I saw slight flaws.