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In the car there are no roommates or parents to walk in on you, no neighbors lodging noise complaints, no younger siblings to scar for life.

The only problem is that you have to find the perfect spot; the side of the highway isn't exactly the most romantic of locales.

Leaning against the car, not ready to say goodnight. Outside the bar, with a stranger, in front of all the smokers. In your childhood room, amid your stuffed animals and baseball trophies.

Backstage, illicitly, at a concert, play, or performance of some sort. At a bar, in plain sight of everyone else, and not even caring.

The corniche stretches on forever and it provides lots of secluded spots to get close, especially in that leafy area between Manial and Maadi.


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    They promised that they would both get into Tokyo U so they could live happily ever after together.

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    We all have our issues and cope with life differently.

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