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They’re going to go and finish all of the animatronics later, so you can just make stuff up and if it’s funny or if they liked whatever you were doing, they could animate to it later. They had already made this, there was a standing story — we couldn’t add anything, really. Even just the little small parts, everyone over there was so good. That wasn’t our first idea because it’s a lot more work to go and film something, wondering if it’s going to be good — you’re going to go to Romania and do what? I really hope, I pray, that Amazon puts it on in Romanian as well, so people can watch our version, the dubbed version, and then the not-dubbed version, because I think you’ll get two completely different experiences, both of them equally as interesting. Like, in France, we’re going to go find whoever the good actors are over there and do the same thing. Joe, what did you think when Channing told you about the show? : Actually, what was so inspiring for me, especially at that time, was that I had never done anything before and to meet somebody so creative — he was talking about doing hit Record then.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 16: Presenter Joseph Gordon-Levitt poses in the press room at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton hotel on January 16, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. Director Spencer Susser initially couldn't reconcile the clean-cut Gordon-Levitt with the wild, anarchic Hesher, a character who becomes intertwined with a grieving young boy and a mousy grocery store clerk (Natalie Portman) then blithely turns their lives inside out, but Gordon-Levitt has always been good at reinvention: After all, how many child sitcom stars have grown up to be critically acclaimed actors who toggle easily between character roles and leading men?

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