Dating wmj rua folders

It's hard to tell what the difference is between "), it can be very time consuming.Plus, if you have many similar photos, it can be difficult to come up with unique names for each one. Often, when I download or create a new file, and then I have to upload it to a website or something like that, it will appear after the oldest items under a "No Date" section.

But that will be the subject of another post as it really is an indispensable utility for the file-naming-obsessed-geek, albeit a rather complicated looking one on first principles: If anyone else has any useful hints on file naming conventions they care to add, please let me know in the comments section below as I'm always trying to get more organised.

For me, simplicity and effectiveness are the key measures of success.

The great thing about this was that using the excellent (and free!

) piece of software Bulk Rename Utility, I was able to do this right from the context (right click) menu.

But in some situations, it's nice just to store images in a folder, so you can easily open them, edit them, or share them with others.