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Likewise, controversial-but-enduring entertainer Madonna's IQ reportedly hovers well above average, and sexy Sharon Stone's is even higher. This list includes celebrities who went to Ivy League schools and famous female alumni of other top colleges, as well as several of the smartest porn stars and smartest actresses. Semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search competition in high school.

And, of course, my girlfriend Natalie Portman had a 4.0 GPA, went to Harvard, and can tell me she loves me in 5 languages. Vote up the sexiest smart women to move them forward in this slideshow, and you know what? Studied neuroscience and psychology at Harvard University.

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Many of these gals are even members of the high IQ society Mensa International, including porn actress and respected actress Geena Davis. While many on this list of the smartest famous women won't surprise you - like obviously Jennifer Connelly is a whiz; just look at her perceptive eyes - a few of the brilliant beauties on this list may come as a shock. These sexy smart girls are basically rocket scientists-ish.

For example, blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield was known for her knockout body and sultry pout, but underneath all that platinum hair, she was reportedly one of few female celebrities with a genius-level IQ. And not only that, they are some of the most attractive female celebrities.

Sexiest Role: Robert Rodriguez proved she could combine strength with sexiness as Some models make the jump to acting and end up simply playing the girlfriend in many movies.

Milla Jovovich decided to do something very different – and succeeded.

Sexiest Role: It's not enough that Rosario Dawson is beautiful, graceful and powerful all in one package.


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