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The dating services industry includes several different segments.

Online Dating Websites: Sites such as, Plenty of Fish, e Harmony, and hundreds more bring affordable and convenient matchmaking services to America’s 124 million singles.

One of the world’s oldest professions is matchmaking, and given the role of technology in today’s world, it’s no surprise that the industry is booming.

With an explosion of new websites and apps, the dating services industry has performed very well in the past five years and is continuing to grow as today's singles turn to the Internet for help finding love.

Tinder shook up the dating world, known for its long personality quizzes and profile-based matchmaking, with its ego-boosting, hook-up-friendly, mobile flirting app: Two daters are presented with each other’s photos, and if (and only if) they both like what they see and swipe right, the service hooks them up with a chat box, where the daters can take it from there.


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    In-short, a friendly mobile social network with free chatrooms that enables mobile dating and flirting opportunities.

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    [Read: 10 sexy drinking games for naughty guys and girls] Making sex exciting and horny again The first thing you need to remember is that sex, as much as it’s about the things that happen down there, is all in your head. And as long as you excite it and stimulate it with sexual thoughts, you’ll start feeling hornier and have a hard time keeping your hands off your lover’s body.

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    aguado – boring or a kill joy alambrina – steel wool. almanaque – is a type of calendar amarrar el perro – to not pay a debt apearse – to get down off something aplanchar la oreja – to sleep apretar – is a verb that means to kiss in Costa Rica. aprete –is a kiss apuntarse – to accompany someone or participate in an activity. culear – to have sex (vulgar) culebra – literally means ‘snake’ but is used jokingly to refer to one’s girlfriend or wife culebrón – is a Spanish soap opera culo de tres nalgas – a conceited womanchaineado – well-dressed or polished chambón – clumsy chan – a seed that is used to make frescos (a natural beverages) chancecito – give me a chance or a minute chanchos – means pigs but is used to refer to a woman’s butt chante – a house chao – good-by chapa – a dumb and usless person chapear – to cut grass or weeds chapulín – means grasshopper or tractor but can also be a juvenile delinquent ah charita! chavalo – a young man chayote – a type of vegetable or someone’s head chema – a shirt Chepe – slang for the city of San José, Costa Rica chepe or chepa – means a busybody or nosey person chiverre – a big pot belly chicha – a liquor made from corn or anger chicharrón – pig skin fried in fat chichí – a child tome chichí – expresión that roughly means, “You see! All liquor can be referred to as “guaro.” Guava – luck güeiso/weiso/hueiso – all mean something that is ugly or bad güevo or huevo – slang for money guindar – to hang something guineo – a male homosexual tener güecho – a stupid or gullible person güila – a childhablar paja – to talk bullshit hablar hasta por los codos – to talk continuously hacerse bolas – to get confused hacerse el maje – to play dumb harina- literally means flour but is “money” in Costa Rica hasta la coronilla/el copete – to be fed up with or tired of something hasta el culo/hasta las tetas/hasta la picha – to be very drunk hediondo – stinky hembra – a woman or girfriend la high – a member of the high class hijo de papi/papá – rich kids horchata – a drink made from ground rice, cinammon and sugar hospi – hospital hueiso – difficult huele pedos – a kiss ass or brown noser hueso – a person who looks at things without buying anything huevo – moneyimportar un comino/pepino – to not care about something Imperial – Costa Rica’s most popular beer sometimes called “el águila” ingenio – a place where sugar cane is turned into granulated sugar ingrato – an ungrateful person irse en blanco – empty-handedjacha, pichel or tarro – a person’s face jalar – to go or to go steady with someone jalarse la torta – to make a big mistake or get pregnant jaleas – to leave jama or moncha – food jaula – classroom or police car jeta – mouth jetas – to talk a lot or have a big mouth jetón – a liar or to have a big mouth jocote – a small green fruit with a pit inside.