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The shop assistant in my local corner shop had beautifully manicured nails, and there was something about the way she held - almost caressed - the groceries, as she totted them up on the till, which also gave me that same relaxed, tingling sensation.

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I work every day with teenagers and their families.

I keep track of technology use, and attitudes to technology, in households as part of my involvement with the biannual Eircom Household Sentiment Survey.

And accidentally discovered a worldwide 'whispering community', who post videos of themselves speaking softly and calmly about any number of things.

And these videos send me off to sleep quicker than a truckload of Noctamid. However, there are millions of 'odd' people like me tuning into You Tube videos for sleep therapy.

It's unlikely, however, that a repeat of 2010 is on the cards - even if a substantial eruption does occur.