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The result is a series that is perceived by both Norwegian and foreign teenagers to be very authentic.The first clip of season 1 was aired on Tuesday September 22nd 2015 at 2.32 p.m. The series was produced to target 16-year-old girls, but was soon a hit among teenagers in general.

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Og Penetrator-Chris har på trods af sit ry som lidt af en player også mange beundrere.

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Verse: They say slavery is long forgotten, but it’s gotten worst You either end up with a bullet or in cuffs You got a badge and a gun, and you think you tough We can stand up and fight, but we got no room to discuss They got us in chains, Controlling our brains Pledge Allegiance to a flag full of shit stains The sheep herder make us follow em’ in a police state We ain’t got no much longer, Before we all end up dead No justice, No peace, A rose can no longer grow out the concrete Politicians morals already over their expiration date Will Hillary also receive oral in the oval office Or will Jeb Bush plan another bombing Or would you rather have a racist, controlling this nation Who’s planning to take your fucking money, lead America further to the abyss And get you pissed off, When he’s planning on building a wall On the money you’ve worked hard for on minimum wage With an increasing tax rate, on land we don’t even own Illegal Immigrants?