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Ainsi, l’article souligne l’importance de la méthode pour les recherches en géomorphologie, notamment dans le cadre du développement de la géomorphologie quantitative.

Absolute dating methods have been developed over the last five decades (Jull and Scott, 2007).

Strata Data offers a dating service using the Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technique.

We have undertaken such an analysis using independently-dated silicic volcanic deposits from New Zealand, ranging in age from 300 ka through to 1.6 Ma.

We observed a complex RTL emission in most volcanic quartzes, which consists of a number of discrete high temperature (i.e, a.

We are also able to conduct sample collection outside of the UK if the client is willing to cover additional transport, accommodation and subsistence costs.

Radiation Exposure Dating Methods: Absolute dating by electron spin resonance (ESR), thermoluminescence (TL) , and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) methods is widely applicable in geology, geomorphology, palaeogeography and archaeology.

It allows the determination of ages of geological sediments and archaeological objects.