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The 32-year-old pop star quoted his tweet and wrote, doubt she gives a crap about the rumors saying she's dating Ryan Phillippe. However, that wasn't where she ended things on Twitter.

In her next tweet, Perry sarcastically apologized to the actor and said, She obviously does not give two shits about what people are concocting about her dating life, since she is sarcastically apologizing to Phillippe for the unwanted attention.

Ryan Phillippe wants to make sure the entire internet knows he is not dating Katy Perry, despite rumors saying they've “flirted” in the past.

Apparently, the duo was spotted mingling at Elton John's 70th birthday party, and the paparazzi went haywire to find out WTF is going on.

She lost track last year and has been working hard getting everything back in place."While you may assume this desire for change has to do with her split from Bloom earlier this year, that's not the case.