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Whatever you think might happen in the next few paragraphs, or in the next few months, expect less.

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I transitioned in my 40s, so what I went through in that decade was what many cis girls (genetic women) experienced when they were back in high school!

Yes, I wore skirts that were too short, tops that were too skimpy, and makeup that I thought was on trend but was dreadful in hindsight.

“I realized recently that I’m transgender, and I’m planning on transitioning genders at some point in the next year or so, so that I can live my life a little more honestly.”After a moment of silence, Rick said exactly what I was hoping to hear: “You’re one of my oldest friends.

If that’s what you think you need to do, of course I support it, and I’ll help you however you need me to.” But he also had some questions: Would I still play video games? Rick and I bonded in high school over our mutual love of nerd culture, which we had embraced long before anyone else thought it was cool.

n June of 2015 I picked up the phone and dialed my old friend Rick’s number, guided by the muscle memory of having done it so many times before.