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access its web interface by going to , if it says "IT WORKS" then add /zm at the end of the url.

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I'm using an Avermedia video card (for up to 8 cams). Thanks I installed Zone Minder with the Synaptic Package Manager but now can't find it on my PC. I put a different hard drive in and installed Ubuntu and have been trying to get Zoneminder loaded and working here at my house before taking it to her store and hooking up the cameras.

The card is installed, but I haven't plugged the cameras in yet (setting up the PC at home, the cameras are at my workplace). I'm using an Avermedia video card (for up to 8 cams). She doesn't have internet service at her store so I wanted to get everything loaded first.

Zone Minder is a free, open source CCTV software application developed for Linux.

Ubuntu version scope: (Hardy or later) Hardware requirement: Compatible webcam. Installation 1.) install zoneminder via ubuntu repo 4.) next type sudo zmfix -a or zmfix -a will do (fixing problem sa video device) 4a.) then type also: sudo chown www-data.www-data /usr/share/zoneminder/temp (for export) 5.

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