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To become a member of the Rumpus Book Club, click here. Lynda: I laughed out loud and my heart hurt all at the same time so many times. It’s weird because you write a book in a vacuum, with only the feedback from the editor, so now that real people have it I’m like, “I can’t believe a person who isn’t getting paid to be into this actually likes it! And I liked it but was also like, “This isn’t how women really are.” Eva Woods: YES. Like, who does it help to paint a picture that isn’t true? Oh god, Marisa 🙁 Eva Woods: I cried when Helen was sick.

Upcoming writers include Danzy Senna, Wioletta Greg, Carmen Maria Machado, and more. ” *sobs* Oh man my mom had Barbra Streisand LPs; pleeeeeeeease don’t give me too many cool points. Speaking of music, dying to know the other jams on the BONA FIDE JAMS Spotify list in “Nashville Hot Chicken.” When I’m writing, I like sad music. Because MAN loving something that can’t tell you what hurts seems like the WORST. Marisa: So, he tried to murder us the first time, but now he kind of comes up to us looking for the pill? Marisa: There is no greater statement about your work than that you made Eva Woods cry about a cat, Sam. my cat now, Dieter falls asleep and drools when he is being sung to.

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Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California.