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Lee, like many people, admits to not being “the most confident person on dates. You know yourself; at a festival everyone is in good form, it’s really relaxed and you mix with loads of people anyway.” A second date came sooner than expected when Fortune, perhaps after a few shandies, bought a ticket to the second day of the festival that night and met up with Lee and her friends again the following day. “If I was to go back to my younger dating self,” Lee says, “I would say definitely make the first move. You’ve nothing to lose by sending a message.” How do you cope with losing a partner and the difficulties of finding love after?

Some of them were very interview-y, and that’s hard. I’d be a bit more nervous than most people, so I felt that if there was a group of friends involved, it’s not as focused on one person and you don’t feel in the spotlight as much.” At the festival, Lee and Fortune went to see a band together, and after returning to their friends, met up again later. The other person could be waiting for you to make the move as well . Sinead Hingston was 30 and pregnant with her first child when her husband Geoff, 37, died suddenly on holiday in Portugal.

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Lady Edith finally stopped being “Poor Edith” and got married to a millionaire marquess. “I just think it’s squeezing it dry, do you know what I mean? She did have an idea for how the Dowager could play a part in the move, though: “I could croak it, and it would just start with the body.”Dowager dies six months after the events of the series finale.