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Since the Council of Trent it is not permitted for a Catholic to question the inspiration of these passages.

The idea of a complete and clear-cut canon of the New Testament existing from the beginning, that is from Apostolic times, has no foundation in history.

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This fact I also asserted in The Christ Conspiracy (1999), following the scholarship of other individuals over the centuries.

Using virtually entirely different sources, including foreign-language sources as well, Price comes to the same logical conclusion. Because this fascinating area of study is evidently more widespread and these facts more well known than mainstream academia lets on.

On the other hand, the New Testament or Covenant (anticipated in Jeremiah and instituted by the Lord Jesus, 1 Cor.

With TPNNT, Price has produced a book that could literally serve as a weapon in the pummeling of logic into the human mind.

Having said that - somewhat in jest - I have nonetheless put pen to paper to provide a proper analysis of a worthy effort. Price is one of the leading luminaries in New Testament studies, bringing with him not only an impressive amount of erudition but also a fresh perspective of an old and festering dilemma, which is the probable condition of the New Testament prior to the First Council of Nicene in 325 AD/CE.