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I will quickly mention that there are well over 100 “super nightclubs” in Lebanon, which profit over $20 million dollars a year.

Fine I get it, men like to see women undress but in this country the women who work at these not quite strip clubs don’t even fully undress…they just dance around in lingerie.

The walls of the center, which is considered a safe haven for victims of abuse and asked for its name not to be used, were covered with signs reading, “Do not abuse me, I am a child.”Sabeen, a pseudonym for a Palestinian refugee and mother of six, told me about the day she found out her 10-year-old son, Abdul, also not his real name, had been forced into prostitution. My other daughter and son hadn’t seen him either, so we searched for him until 10 p.m."“When he returned his clothes were very dirty and I noticed he wasn’t in a good place. There are approximately 47,500 registered refugees in the camp, according to Chris Gunness, a United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) spokesman.

She made no attempt to hide the tears streaming down her weary face.“He dropped his bags off at home after school about 2 p.m.,” she said. It also hosts about 6,500 Palestinian refugees from Syria and an increasing number of Syrian refugees, who, despite having no assistance in the camp, choose to live there because housing options in Lebanon have become scarce or far too expensive.

Hassan, a 27-year-old Sunni from Iraq, is a male prostitute and has been selling himself for money in Beirut for a year.