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However, the consequences of legislation rarely are limited to their intended effects. The act—and especially the regulations implementing it—has been misused by some employees to shirk their responsibilities at work.

These employees have used the act in ways that harm their coworkers, cus­tomers, and employers.

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The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and published results of a "sex and tech" survey which explored the connection between teen sex and cyberspace, examined just who they are sending these images to.

The survey polled 1280 teens and young adults between the ages of 13 and 26 about their cell phone, computer and digital device behaviors and attitudes.

The 2010 National Institute of Justice publication, “Much Ado About Sexting” reports 11% of teen girls ages 13 to 16 have been involved with sending or receiving sexually explicit messages.

According to a 2014, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy report, Teenage Sexting Statistics, nearly 40% of all teenagers have posted or sent sexually suggestive messages, but sexting is more common among boys than girls.

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