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In short, Westfall painted the family and their lawyer as frauds."A St. It became clear to her that [the hockey players] had no feelings at all for her and had merely used her for their own sexual gratification.

Louis County grand jury ruled there was insufficient evidence to press sexual assault charges against Gilmour." The victim was 17 and has an unspecified learning disability."The players agreed that they had done everything to the girl that she described, which included penetration in three orifices, and admitted that "there had been blood." In fact, she bled heavily the night of the alleged rape and continued to bleed intermittently for the next two days. The girl said she begged them to stop and was terrified."A judge found "that as a result of the 'degrading and disgusting' incident, the girl 'suffered considerable physical and emotional pain. She honestly believed that what happened to her was not by consent.'"There was some serious legal fuckery in this case.

With the top pick in the 1991 draft, Quebec went ahead and chose the talented star from London, Ontario.

After a lengthy dispute, the Nords finally agreed to trade Lindros.

Eleven days later, the Flyers officially landed Lindros.