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Sexual violence occurring outside of the University's jurisdiction may also be considered for investigation.

Anyone, regardless of University affiliation, who is victimized by a UCSB student, may seek redress through the campus judicial process.

It’s hard to buy even the tiniest home on one income, and with students and retirees weighing down both ends of the population spectrum, the mid-range dating pool is small.

“You don’t really want your friend’s sloppy seconds,” adds a friend of mine, “which reduces your odds further.” The hunt seems to be harder for gals. Did I tell you about the massage therapist who stood me up on a first date? “He was playing beach volleyball and ‘just lost all track of time and forgot.’” People say there are more single women than men here; perhaps it’s just that the men want to stay single and the women don’t.

I’m told our climate and seaside lifestyle leave lots of local fellas with a Peter Pan complex that doesn’t look good on men over age 25. It’s like Fleet Week for the guys every week here, I swear,” says a 33-year-old woman I know. Single, successful, and head-turning pretty, she says guys have a distinct advantage on the Santa Barbara dating scene.