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Springfield Massachusetts women xxx horney girls west Durango Otherwise it's not a punishment. "Because it works" is a figure of speech in this context "works" doesn't equal success or even behavior ;) To answer your other question people go to therapist's offices because the behavior no longer works; and as far as addicts, I've been a recovering alcoholic for 25 years.

In case anyone was wondering, too, the sauce does no physical harm to her. When I was a *practicing* alcoholic there most certainly was a payoff for drinking; and it wasn't until the cost was higher than the payoff that I stopped.

I am looking for a woman in the 37 51 age range, average weight I guess, looking for commitment at some point, and most importantly ready to find happiness.

This is a great time of year to find the right partner, and experience some fun times together.

Love to find someone in similar situation, not wanting to get out of my marriage, just needing some attention and I am willing to give it even more than get it.