Updating quantum cryptography and communications makes good online dating headline

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There is an incredible amount of funding going into computer security at the moment, and we recently profiled 9 hot cyber security startups, some of which are using artificial intelligence to identify security threats.

We also put together a portfolio of 10 cyber security stocks that you can buy and trade just like a mini-ETF as seen below: With cyber security receiving a tremendous amount of investing for all sides, we’re not surprised to see at least 5 startups working on quantum cryptography. Founded in 2012, Qubitekk has taken in at least $2 million in funding (in additions to various grants) in order to develop a machine-to-machine communication device that can help protect critical infrastructure like electrical grids or oil pipelines.

Similar to symmetric cryptography, the smallest change in any of the two keys will make them useless to get the original data.

A benefit of asymmetric cryptography is that you can share the public key with the whole world so that they can use it to send you encrypted data.

Rather it is a technique of using photons to generate a cryptographic key and transmit it to a receiver using a suitable communication channel.