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It’s right to acknowledge that there is far more to marriage than sex, and that other factors (such as mutual respect, commitment, companionship, a shared sense of calling, faith in Christ) are indispensable criteria for a couple trying to discern whether they should marry or not. Any couple considering marriage should be really sure that they are sexually attracted to one another – whether either of them experience same-sex attraction or not.

If you aren’t attracted to someone, you shouldn’t marry them!

Some in the church have colluded with this practice by not challenging it.

Worse, others have directly encouraged it on the misguided assumption that a sexual relationship within marriage will clear up the person’s supposedly confused feelings, or even ‘cure’ them of their same-sex attraction!

Also, there are physical traits that you look for in a spouse in hopes of passing down to your children.

For example, height, athleticism, ethnicity, features, etc.

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