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According to the book: The third of four children, Vera was born to Russian immigrants Fanny and Meyer Salaff on July 24, 1907, in Stanford, Connecticut.

His position was Art Director and later became a Vice President as well.

He and Vera traveled the world to study and photograph other cultures and their artwork to give them ideas to use in designs.

Vera Neumann (born Vera Salaff; July 24, 1907 – June 15, 1993) was an American artist and entrepreneur best known for her boldly colored linen patterns and scarves signed "Vera" and featuring a ladybug.

Vera was the third of four children born to Fanny and Meyer Salaff who encouraged each of their children to find a passion and follow it – in her case drawing and painting.

She went to Cooper-Union and the Traphagen School of Design and gravitated toward textile design.