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This smart condom knows you better than you know yourself.

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Like Fitbit and other health-tracking wearables, the data collected from the condom will be kept anonymous. It has a battery life of around eight hours between charges. The ring, which ships with a one year warranty, can be adjusted to size and is able to be worn again and again.

However, users will be given the option to share the intimate data online with friends if they choose to. Nottinghamshire-based British Condoms, which first revealed it was developing the unique contraception last year, said its Smart Condom project brought new meaning to the term "wearable tech".

However regulation of adult TV channels has not been devolved to the Advertising Standards Authority. In the US, Playboy TV started Night Calls, a phone-in show where viewers could 'direct' the presenters (all female porn stars) in sexual acts on the air.

However, this was not quite the same format as the one currently used in Europe, where the focus is more on the phone calls, and profit made from them.

It can also clock-up the total number of thrusts, average skin temperature, average velocity and penis girth.