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Consult your shell's documentation for the requirements specific to your environment.

), you may think that Subversion should give you the last revision that took place on the 27th of November.

, for example) is an established practice in Subversion communities, and is both supported and encouraged by many Subversion-related tools.

In most places where you would specify a bare revision number on the command line, you may also use the $ svn diff -r PREV: COMMITTED foo.c # shows the last change committed to foo.c $ svn log -r HEAD # shows log message for the latest repository commit $ svn diff -r HEAD # compares your working copy (with all of its local changes) to the # latest version of that tree in the repository $ svn diff -r BASE: HEAD foo.c # compares the unmodified version of foo.c with the latest version of # foo.c in the repository $ svn log -r BASE: HEAD # shows all commit logs for the current versioned directory since you # last updated $ svn update -r PREV foo.c # rewinds the last change on foo.c, decreasing foo.c's working revision $ svn diff -r BASE:14 foo.c # compares the unmodified version of foo.c with the way foo.c looked # in revision 14 Revision numbers reveal nothing about the world outside the version control system, but sometimes you need to correlate a moment in real time with a moment in version history.

A traditional Southern specialty, this gumbo soup mix is rich but not spicy and can be prepared vegetarian or with sausage and chicken for a hearty meal.


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    Hanna Marin Aria Montgomery Ezra Fitz Spencer Hastings Toby Cavanaugh Caleb Rivers Mona Vanderwaal Emily Fields Sydney Driscoll Jenna Marshall Shana (acquaintance/deceased) Melissa Hastings Charlotte Di Laurentis (deceased) - A's helper (exposed) - Trashed Ali's memorial (exposed to Hanna) - Lost Caleb's money in a gamble (exposed) - Was walking alone in the middle of the night around the time "A" made Emily dig up Alison's grave - Burned up a note to his parents - Visited Mona at Radley Sanitarium - Being blackmailed into working for Mona (exposed) - Set fire to the school's shed (exposed to Hanna) - Gave Emily the massage (exposed) - Went to Noel's Halloween party dressed as Zombie Baby Doll Stalker - Was friends with Charles Lucas Gottesman was often taunted and bullied at school.

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    In other words, there are more and more of us all the fucking time. We were stupid a long time ago, we are still stupid, and yet we continue to reproduce enormously successfully.

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    To appease international and local pressure amidst questionable military interventions, Saudi Arabia uses its position on UN Human Rights Council and now, UN Commission on the Status of Women to show they are engaging with the international community to reform archaic laws.

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    Dating in the Fast Lane: How communication predicts speed-dating success By: Cameron Mendez October 7, 2013 Marian Houser, Sean Horan, and Lisa Furler composed the article Dating in the Fast Lane after studying a speed-dating event to examine positive and negative indicators that could result in future dates.