Cfgrid not updating

I was wondering if there is some code that I can change which can allow this person to access the grid via the proxy.I don't really want to let my networking guy to disable the proxy on her machine.If you also want to re-enable delete confirmation dialog in Windows 8, following steps will help you: 1. It'll re-enable the confirmation dialog box and now Windows will always ask for your confirmation before moving a file or folder to Recycle Bin.

cfgrid not updating-49

I am working on ERP level projects which is build on Cold Fusion and we have heavily used Cold Fusion inbuilt AJAX funtionality, everybody knows that CF use EXTJS for their new ajax component and my favorites are cfgrid, cflayout.

But what CF is provide is not always sufficient for client specially working with large project.

3) Removed the inline editing as didnt want the confusion of inline editing and double clickable rows. 5) Changed the CFC to accomodate the update functionality.

6) Fixed a couple bugs and general code optimization and added some more comments in the code.

The demo shows how users can effortessly edit and select dates in the calendar.