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“Oh it’s happened before, it has,” the country crooner explained.

“Some woman sent you a naked photo and I went to go look at her page and she had huge boobs too, and she was married with children.” Though Jessie refrained from sending the shot in question to the woman’s husband, the 29-year-old singer simply shielded the fan from her husband’s social sphere. With Eric, 30, and Jessie set to return to reality TV later this year, it’s likely the cameras will capture more than an Instagram comment about derailed hump day plans.

He reported on a Facebook group called Marines United, which was home to approximately 30,000 members who were sharing nude photos of colleagues along with personal information and even encouragement of sexual assault.

The report led the Marine Corps to open an investigation, spurred widespread outrage in the media and in Congress, and prompted sharp condemnation from the Corps' top leaders.

Google tweaked something in its Life Magazine Archives search and now I am finding some of the best photos I was ever able to post on this blog.