Mobile adult chat bot

There are many successful tech startups emerging from Nairobi, and there’s probably one really important common thing in them: they don’t want to change the world.

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At the recent QCon London 2017, Lyudmil Pelov, Lead Architect with the Oracle A-Team, had a great talk titled: Implementing Your Own Chatbot Platform!

I know, that's the past, but you can check out the slides posted on Slide Share.

Chatbots are also in great demand on the corporate side: They are workers that you don’t have to treat well; they have no emotions; and they do exactly what they’re programmed to.

Chatbot hype went through the roof when Telegram’s bots platform got a full-scale API.

And by the way, Oracle President Thomas Kurian recently kicked off the first Oracle Code event (San Francisco), which covered Oracle's overall Cloud offerings and strategy for developers. I know, I know - you're thinking, slides are just slides! You want to get your hands dirty at a live event right?