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For example, is running 10 miles every day—rain, shine, or snowstorm—an addiction, or is it good athletic discipline?

Is a monthly trip to Vegas to play the slots a gambling problem, or just an escape from daily life?

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An addiction—a persistent need to consume a substance or commit an act—is distinct from a compulsion, which is an overwhelming and irresistible impulse to act.

Usually, a compulsive act is preceded by obsessive, intrusive thoughts that compel the person to act, whereas an addiction is more of a habit that is not necessarily accompanied by obsessive thinking.

Jerry Oppenheimer, who is penning the first-ever biography of Robert F.

Kennedy Jr., says Bobby’s latest alleged affair shouldn’t come as a surprise to his fiancée, actress Cheryl Hines.

An individual experiencing either addiction or compulsions may find it helpful to speak to a mental health professional.


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